Stay Calm. Be organised

I've recently just changed jobs and moved back into the land of fashion. My main worry when taking on a new job is always staying on top of organisation, especially when the role is new to me. Going from working with dogs to working online is a massive leap, even though I spent 3 years prior working in e-commerce. 

My plan of action is to spend the first few weeks learning the ropes, analysing the product and what sells and the engagement of the online customer. It just so happens that I am in a partly commission based role so selling clothes = a better wage for me at the end of the month! 

One of the first things I do in a new job is go and get myself all the stationary I need! I'm not gonna lie, I love an excuse to buy stationary and my other half is often baffled at why I need another notebook. I found Primark were an excellent source of cute notebooks and I managed to pick this marble and copper one up for just a couple of quid. 

The pound shop is also a great place to pop into and I picked up a set of three metallic biro pens including this rose gold one for guessed it...£1. 

For me planing and analysing is key and I devote a large percentage of my time to this. If you have planned correctly then actually creating engaging content on a day to day basis should be a doddle no? Plan at least a week in advance!

Don't get me wrong, I fully expect there to be some days where I'm pulling my hair out but for now, if I can stay calm and be organised I think I can probably take anything this new job throws at me!


  1. Great post - I'm the worst at staying calm when working, I always end up freaking out over something.

    1. Thanks lovely! No matter how much planning I seem to do sometimes freaking out just happens! xx